Mr. Allan Norman, M.Sc., CFP, CIM
Vice President
Atlantis Financial/IQON Financial Inc.
Barrie, ON
(705)726-6884 x 230

Investment Gold Client Since: 2003

An Overview of Our Practice
Atlantis Financial's roots stem from the life insurance business. Today we have grown into a two tiered financial planning service organization. The first business unit is made up of a large number of customers with financial products such as insurance policies and small mutual fund portfolios. Our income is derived from commissions generated by the purchased products. The second business unit provides comprehensive financial planning. Our clients are mainly entrepreneurial business owners. We are paid through fees and/or commissions.

Comments re Investment Gold
I hope my words properly reflect our extreme satisfaction with both Investment Gold and your firm's professional services. As you know, 6 months prior to purchasing Investment Gold we invested in a competitor's GoldMine add-on product. It was not being used. Your service and training continue to be exemplary and Investment Gold has come alive in our office. For the first time we have a specialized computer program which everyone can use effectively and which everyone recognizes as important to both our business and our clients. The flexibility of Investment Gold allows us to develop our business practices our way. The time-saving features such as bridging with our back office and the ability to export client information and portfolio details to financial planning software all combine to make Investment Gold a tool we can no longer do without.

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