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If your goal is to become a top performer, it serves no purpose to provide a "good" or "above average" level of service. To successfully differentiate yourself from the competition, you must deliver a dramatically superior level of service. In other words, it must be readily apparent that you are providing a significantly higher level of service than the competition.

But what exactly is a dramatically superior level of service? We believe that to successfully differentiate your practice on the basis of service you must:

eliminate errors and omissions
personalize your services to meet the specific needs of your individual clients
include "state-of-the-art" services that are highly valued by your clients but not typically available from other wealth managers (our current favorite is the timely delivery of news items to just those clients for whom the news is relevant)
However, knowing what it takes to successfully differentiate your practice isn't sufficient. You also need a system that empowers you to deliver that level of service. And that's where Investment Gold comes in. Investment Gold places all the information that you need to properly service your clients at your fingertips. Investment Gold also makes it possible to efficiently deliver unique services that would otherwise be impractical or impossible. And Investment Gold allows you to predefine the individual level of service that each of your clients and prospects is intended to receive. Investment Gold will monitor the needs of each of your clients and prospects, alerting the appropriate member of your team when it's time to take action on behalf of a client or prospect. The result? Investment Gold makes it not just possible but actually practical to deliver the dramatically superior level of service that will guarantee your success.
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