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Dear Wealth Management Professional,

It's a great time to be a wealth manager! As the markets strengthen, investors are becoming much more active. So it appears that you are entering another period of extended prosperity.

However, the summer months are typically a relatively slow time of year, as investors and wealth managers alike enjoy some well deserved time off. By all means, recharge your batteries this summer so that you are ready to tackle the upswing in business this fall. But at the same time, take the steps necessary this summer to position your team for the increased activity in September.

Is your team using Investment Gold effectively? Are you enjoying all of Investment Gold's many benefits? If not, summer is a great time to strengthen your team's Investment Gold skills. So why not enroll selected members of your team in some of our Advanced training courses this summer. It's convenient. It's inexpensive. And it will pay off in spades this fall when business starts to hum.

Have a wonderful summer!

Sincerely Yours,

Barry Chaffe

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