Free Demonstration

Our firm is committed to ensuring that you become a raving fan of Investment Gold. And we know the importance of first impressions. So our firm installs and sets up Investment Gold for you (and GoldMine too if not already in place), to ensure a quick and trouble-free rollout.

We start by installing Investment Gold on your server and setting up your workstations. If you'd also like to use Investment Gold at home or on the road, we also install on your home or laptop computers (we utilize a technology called synchronization to integrate your copies of Investment Gold into a cohesive system).

Then we set up Investment Gold to accommodate the needs of your team. Basic setup includes creating user profiles for each member of your team, initializing preferences and linking to your copies of Microsoft Word. At your request, we can also perform more advanced setup tasks as well. For example, we can import your existing contact information. Or we can walk you through your first use of Investment Gold Bridge to populate your database with client information. And we can also set up security and privacy features to reflect your unique needs.

Please note that our expert staff install and set up Investment Gold remotely from our office via the internet. We use a software product called pcAnywhere to access your computers (we also use pcAnywhere to provide you with ongoing assistance). Please note that our approach to using pcAnywhere works in any office and doesn't compromise your internet security in any way. If you'd like to learn more about how we ensure your security, please click here.

Installing and setting up Investment Gold over the internet provides you with the ultimate in service at a very affordable cost. Since our staff work from our office, they have access to all of our resources and the expertise of our entire team. And we can connect to your office instantly regardless of location, eliminating the delay and cost of travel.

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