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How would your life change if you could attract and retain your ideal clients? At a minimum, your income would skyrocket and you'd be dealing with clients of your own choosing! But how do you become irreplaceable to your clients and irresistible to your prospects? Simple. Differentiate your practice from the competition by providing a dramatically superior level of service.

Imagine the following. Your client, Alan, is a lawyer with a successful law firm. He is having lunch with Sally, one of the senior partners in the firm. Sally invited Alan to lunch to offer him a junior partnership. As they relax over dessert, Sally explains the firm's stock options. Sally mentions that if Alan needs investment advice, she can put him in touch with her wealth manager. Sally takes a moment to outline the various services that her wealth manager provides. Alan responds that he already has a wealth manager (you) that provides all the services that Sally outlined. Then Alan mentions a few of your additional services that he particularly values. As Alan talks, Sally is mentally comparing the level of service that she is currently receiving to the level of service that you are providing Alan. She wonders how Alan can be receiving a dramatically higher level of service than she is, particularly given that her portfolio is considerably larger than Alan's. She also can't help but be reminded of a few times that her wealth manager has dropped the ball over the past year. She asks a few carefully worded questions to determine if Alan has had any similar negative experiences, but it seems that you somehow manage to avoid these types of mistakes.

This simple example illustrates the incredible power of differentiating through dramatically superior service. Will Alan ever take his assets elsewhere? Of course not. He knows that he is receiving superior service. Why would he settle for a lower level of service elsewhere? And what about Sally? She may have been perfectly content with her wealth manager when she sat down to lunch. But now the first seed of dissatisfaction has been sown. At some point in the future, her wealth manager must elevate their level of service or Sally will take her business elsewhere. And where is Sally most likely to take her business? To you.

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