Mr. Julie M. Cusson
Vice President - Investment Officer
Moran Edwards Asset Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Naples, FL

Investment Gold Client Since: 2003

An Overview of Our Practice
Simply put, we are a separate account manager.

Comments re Investment Gold
Prior to learning about Investment Gold, our team had been using GoldMine for five years. Unfortunately, we weren't getting the value that I had originally anticipated from GoldMine, and we weren't on track for that to change in the future. But now that we've added Investment Gold, we are enjoying all of the benefits that I had initially hoped for and more! We use the product to track all the details about our investors and to schedule all the activities for our entire team. Investment Gold is the hub of all our communications, both internally and with clients and prospects. And we make extensive use of the delegation capabilities. Although we are just starting to use automated processes, I can already see how they are going to be a tremendous additional benefit.

But the software is really only half the story. We've also derived great value from our relationship with Chaffe/Malcolm. I can't say enough about the quality of their training and assistance. They are reliable. They are timely. And they have the experience and knowledge to answer all of our questions.

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