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Support Service Policies

Our firm is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your experience with Investment Gold meets your highest expectations. For that reason, we offer a very high caliber of support to all of our clients across North America. Whenever you have a question or problem with regard to Investment Gold, we encourage you to pick up the telephone and call our office for assistance. If we can't answer your question over the telephone, then we will "visit" your office electronically using pcAnywhere over the internet. Addressing your issues as they arise will help ensure that you derive the maximum benefits from Investment Gold.

To help establish your expectations and thus ensure your ongoing satisfaction, we feel that it is essential to clearly communicate our approach to providing support. The information that follows explains our firm's support policies in plain language. At the time that you became an Investment Gold subscriber, you were asked to review these policies. So if any member of your team ever requests our firm's support services, we can only assume that you fully understand and agree with these policies.

The Purpose of Our Support Services
Our firm's support services are intended to answer questions and resolve problems that can arise in the day-to-day use of Investment Gold. In order to provide timely response, support is limited to issues that can be resolved in a relatively short period of time. Issues that require larger blocks of our time (e.g. installation, data conversion, training, project-based activities, etc.) are not considered support and must be scheduled in advance.

Supported Products
Our firm's support services are limited to Investment Gold and its underlying product, GoldMine. Please note that we unfortunately cannot support your equipment, operating systems, networks, or other applications.

Our Service Hours
Our firm's support services are available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time, excluding statutory holidays. Emergency support outside these hours is also available at an additional cost.

Response Time
Most requests for support are serviced in the order that they are received. However, we reserve the right to prioritize urgent requests. On a typical day, we respond to the majority of requests for assistance within one hour of receipt.

Requesting Support
A member of your team requests our firm's support services by telephone. If necessary, the request can be left by voice mail. Please note that we don't accept requests for support by fax or electronic mail.

Providing Our Services
Our firm's support services are provided over the telephone and when we deem it necessary over the internet via a remote access software product called pcAnywhere. It is your ongoing responsibility to ensure that a current, working copy of pcAnywhere is installed on at least one of the personal computers on your network equipped with access to the internet.

Paying for Our Services
Our firm's support services are paid for by credit card. When any member of your team requests our firm's assistance, our firm charges time spent providing that assistance to the credit card number that you preauthorized. The credit card number will be billed an amount based on the time our firm spends servicing your request (rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes) and our current billing rate for support services (plus any applicable taxes). Any support provided outside our standard service hours is billed at twice our current rate.

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