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Investment Gold is an add-on to GoldMine, the award-winning contact management system for workgroups produced by FrontRange Solutions, Inc. (formerly GoldMine Software Corporation). Investment Gold transforms GoldMine into a powerful and comprehensive client care system designed to meet the specific needs of a successful wealth management practice.

Investment Gold consists of three components:

a comprehensive suite of wealth management customizations to GoldMine
Investment Gold Tools, software that performs a number of tasks that would be complex and/or time consuming to perform directly in GoldMine
Investment Gold Bridge, software that copies client information exported from a number of leading back-office systems into our customized version of GoldMine

Customizations to GoldMine
Investment Gold's customizations to GoldMine include:
- more than 750 data entry fields specific to wealth management
- 13 data entry folders specific to wealth management
- more than 200 custom filters
- more than 100 custom reports
- 28 sample form letters, envelopes and fax cover pages
- more than 50 powerful automated processes

Investment Gold Tools
Investment Gold Tools read and update client and prospect information stored in GoldMine. The Tools perform a number of common administrative and analytical tasks that would be complex and/or time consuming to perform directly within GoldMine, saving your team time and effort and eliminating the possibility of errors.

Investment Gold Bridge
Investment Gold Bridge copies a wide range of client information (from addresses and telephone numbers to portfolio and transaction details) from text files exported by compliant back-office systems into GoldMine. The first time that you run the Bridge, it will automatically create a new client in GoldMine for each client in your back-office system (saving your team many hours of data entry time). Thereafter, run the Bridge as frequently as desired (typically every business day) to ensure that your information in GoldMine agrees with similar information in your back-office system.

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