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Investment Gold is a truly remarkable product. It has the potential to dramatically benefit your practice. But like any powerful software product, before you can begin enjoying its many benefits, your team must learn how to use Investment Gold properly. Our firm's training courses will provide your team with the skills needed to utilize the product effectively. Training is the key to unlocking Investment Gold's benefits.

Our training is quite simply the best available anywhere. You can choose from two training options. Your staff can self-train using the convenient online training courses (at no cost). Or our firm can provide private training via pcAnywhere and the telephone (at an hourly fee). Or any combination of the two.

Investment Gold Academy, our library of convenient self-paced online training courses, is the ultimate training and reference resource. It explains how to best apply GoldMine and Investment Gold to the specific needs of your profession. And it's one of the reasons that our clients choose Investment Gold. No other product offers anything even remotely similar to the Academy.

The courses in the Academy clearly document and illustrate the use of Investment Gold. And access to the Academy is free to all of our clients. So when a member of your team is ready to learn another aspect of how to use Investment Gold, they can simply select the corresponding course and self-train at their own pace. And when a member of your team has a question about how to apply Investment Gold, they can simply visit the Academy to look up the answer. Since all of the information is online and hotlinked for rapid reference, it's easy to quickly focus in on a particular detail of the product or step back for a higher level overview.

Our training courses are organized into the following categories:

Introduction to Using Investment Gold
Advanced Use of Investment Gold
Administering Investment Gold
What's New in Investment Gold

Every member of your team should complete all of the Introductory training courses. And at least one member of your team should also complete each of the Advanced training courses. These courses provide the essential skills that your team will be applying every day.

Many of our clients outsource the administration of their Investment Gold system to our firm. However, if you'd like your team to handle any or all aspects of administration internally, a member of your team should also attend the corresponding Administrative training courses.

And the What's New courses bring your team up to speed with the features of new versions of Investment Gold and GoldMine.

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