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In his famous books The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited, best-selling author Michael Gerber makes a very compelling case for why you should develop a turn-key operation. There are many reasons for transforming your practice into a turn-key operation, not the least of which are:

it is the most efficient way to deliver services to your clients
it is the most sensible way to eliminate errors and omissions
it frees you from the time-consuming task of operating your practice so that you can focus on the management of your practice
it results in a practice that continues to run when you are absent
it maximizes the market value of your practice
However, knowing why it's important to transform your practice into a turn-key operation isn't sufficient. You also need a system that empowers you to proceed with the transformation. And that's where Investment Gold comes in. Investment Gold, by its very nature, encourages you to add structure to your practice. It encourages you to think of your operation in terms of a predefined set of standardized, repeatable procedures. And Investment Gold includes the unique and incredibly powerful ability to automate your procedures. The result? Investment Gold makes it not just possible but actually practical to implement the turn-key operation that you want and need.
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